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Tax Planning Strategies for Business Owners

We work exclusively with business owners to help reduce tax liability, grow assets, and maintain their current lifestyle. With more than 30 overall strategies, we work with clients and their CPAs to create a strategic tax plan based on their unique situation and goals.

With The Walters Way, we go beyond standard deductions to create real value and wealth. Our power lies in proactive tax planning, and we work in conjunction with your existing CPA to achieve this savings.

We apply strategies, applicable for business owners only, to reduce annual taxes paid. More than 30 strategies could apply, and each tax plan varies based on the client’s situation and goals. Even better, our approach helps families maintain their current lifestyle.

So, how does this work?

Practically everyone takes the basic tax deductions such as mileage, a home office, or mortgage interest. We take those and then look at how to make your business work for you and your family.

We evaluate every option from your business entity type and retirement options to your payroll and reimbursement vehicles. We may advise clients to create a 401k or pension plan for retirement or to convert from an LLC to an S-Corporation to reduce self-employment taxes. For entrepreneurs with children, we may discuss why and how you can employ your children in the business, create an education assistance plan, or even how to use your business to pay for college.

We follow the tax laws and regulations at a Federal level as well as applicable options at the State and Local level to help craft the strongest strategy to help our clients reduce their tax liability. We're able to work with clients throughout the United States and partner with your existing CPA and/or financial advisor to help make our strategies a reality for your family.

Over the past five years we’ve averaged savings of 48% annually for our clients' taxes. The range varies based on the client’s needs and situation. We have a nifty, quick, free tax savings calculator to see what range we may save you.

Does this approach hold true for everyone?

As long as you own a business, we can probably identify ways to reduce your taxes. The one key consideration is that you are a business owner in some way or fashion. Overall, we’ve seen savings range from approximately 20% to in excess of 65% with our clients. Each client situation is different, so our results vary as you would expect. In terms of characteristics that fit most of our clients, you will find:

  • One or Few Owners: Typically, our clients are the sole business owner, a husband-wife joint ownership, or family ownership format. While the techniques are applicable with multiple business owners, it requires all owners to agree. Additionally, the strategies will vary depending on the business owner’s exit strategy plans and timeline. Most have been in business at least five years and are at least five years away from any exit plans.
  • Adjusted Gross Income/Revenue: While our strategies are applicable for most income levels, the percent of savings may vary. We tend to achieve the greatest percent of tax savings with clients who operate with adjusted gross incomes ranging from $200,000 to more than $3 million, or a business with annual revenues from $250,000 to about $7 million.
  • All Industries: Our clients own businesses ranging from medical offices, such as chiropractors and doctors of all specialties, to professional services businesses, such as music and swim teachers, consultants, engineers, and attorneys. And, most of our clients employ less than 20 staff to support their enterprise.
  • All States: As our tax planning strategies follow Federal regulations, we are able to work with and serve clients anywhere in the United States. For clients residing in states with high state income tax rates (i.e. California, Iowa, New Jersey, Minnesota, or Oregon), these tax reduction strategies are especially valuable.
  • Faith Focused: As a faith-based firm, we strongly believe in serving God, family, and community. We tend to resonate with clients who bring similar principles into their lives or businesses. Several of our clients have shared with us how they are able to tithe more as a result of our tax planning work.

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The Walters Way can save you an average of 48% on your taxes annually. Find out how we do it by watching this video from our company founder, Heath Walters.

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