Advanced Tax Planning

Access Holistic, Innovative Financial Guidance

We believe clients should be able to rely on one trusted advisor for all of their financial guidance. Through an innovative, turnkey approach – The Walters Way – that combines strategic tax planning services with sound investment advice, The Walters Way helps individuals, families and business owners make smarter financial decisions while saving significant time and effort.

Strategic, streamlined advice all year long

Traditionally, tax professionals look in the rear view mirror. They focus on finding the most deductions and write-offs with April 15th as the end goal. But, what if everything you did leading up to that day could generate bigger tax savings and put you in a stronger financial standing overall?

That’s what our unique, forward-thinking approach is all about: as an experienced CPA firm we not only provide strategic advice on your taxes, we also guide you in your investment decisions, retirement needs, college planning and more. It all starts with a customized plan based on your specific goals.

Bottom line results, guaranteed

Our approach allows for synchronized, strategic financial decisions to be made throughout the year, rather than just reactionary ones in April. We’re so confident we will make a bottom line difference we back up our work with a guarantee. Plus, by working with a single provider, you save valuable time and effort.

For business owners, our approach is even more significant. There are countless opportunities to reduce your tax burden and increase your company profits by combining savings strategies with business and tax strategies.

Secure, seamless onboarding

We understand that it can be daunting to turn over your sensitive financial information to a new advisor. We make the transition as simple and safe as possible through a fully secured, user-friendly online portal, along with personal guidance from our experienced team members.

Faith & values

As a faith-based organization, we treat our clients like family. Guided by our Christian principles, we strive to protect our clients’ financial security while upholding the highest standards of ethics and customer service. We strive to change lives for the better, one family at a time.

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