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Profit First

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Profit First Professionals is an international network of extraordinary accountants, bookkeepers and financial experts who are not only masters of their trade, but have vasts amounts of skills and experience in helping companies grow their bottom line using the Profit First method. Profit First, a concept penned by business author Mike Michalowicz, identifies that the natural behavior of entrepreneurs is not to regularly review their firm's P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. Instead most entrepreneurs manage their business via "bank balance accounting"​, making gut-level decisions based on the cash in the bank. Instead of trying to "break"​ the entrepreneur's habit, Profit First leverages it. By implementing Profit First, entrepreneurs continue their "bank balance accounting"​ to skyrocket their profitability.


Most businesses survive check by check, perhaps yours too.

If you are being told that profit is your bottom line, that belief is damaging your business. It’s human nature – what comes last is ignored and what comes first is priority.

That’s why profit must come first. Always.

Why every business needs Profit First

  • Is your business surviving check to check?
    Profit First Professionals fixes that.
  • Does your Income Statement have a “net profit” at the end of the year, yet there is no extra cash in your pocket?
    We fix that, too.
  • Are you tired of the old school “numbers in, numbers out, not pay me” accountants and financial experts who don’t take a single effective action in fattening your wallet?
    We absolutely fix that.
  • Are you already enjoying financial success?
    Discover how to double, triple or even quadruple your profits.
  • Want to discover your path to profitability?
    Take your profit first.


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